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There are hundreds of ways to tell a story. The play of light and shadow, to move the camera or to let her only watch, to find the emotion of a character, in a story, has always fascinated me.

Each story has its own images and its own look. To find this in collaboration with the director ...

... Is my passion

Director of Photography since:
Vocational Training:
Photographer, Cameraassistent, Operator
Worked together with - Directors:
Raoul Heimrich, Marcus Ulbricht, Ulli König, Andi Niesner, Ariane Zeller,
Wolfgang Münstermann, Michel Bielawa, Ed Ehrenberg, Axel Bock,
Sven Kramer, Axel Barth, Nils Krebs, Mila Beck
Worked together with - Production Companies:
Neue Münchner Fernsehproduktion; Odeon TV, Jojo Film und Fernsehproduktion,
ndF Filmproduktion, Askania Media, Bavaria Filmproduktion, monolocofilms, eyesbearentertainment, MFA, Saxionia Media, Polyphon Hamburg, ABC Studio GmbH, Rhinestone , Imbiss Film, Two Elements, ProSiebenSat1 Production

Specific Knowledge:
Luftaufnahmen, Blue/Green Screen, Tieraufnahmen, VFX, Modelltrick
35mm, 16mm, Zeitraffer und Highspeed, RED, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira
abroad Experience:
Nordamerika, Europa, Asien, Afrika
Deutsch, Englisch


© 2015 Ludwig Franz